Title: Senior managing director, U.S. Northeast region, since December.

Home: West Chester.

Family: Married with three sons, ages 2 through 20.

Diplomas: Merion Mercy Academy; Princeton University, public and international affairs.

To relax: Hanging out with the baby. With two older ones, she knows the time flies by.

Binge watch: Homeland.


What: Strategic and technology consulting company working in 40 industries in 120 countries.

Where: Dublin, Ireland.

U.S. Northeast region: 11 states, from New England through West Virginia, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware.

Employment: 411,000 worldwide; 50,000 in U.S.; 10,000 in U.S. Northeast including 2,400 in Philadelphia, Berwyn and Wilmington.

Dollars: $3.6 billion in net income on revenues of $36.8 billion in fiscal year ending Aug. 31, 2017.