Welcome to the new blog

By Jonathan Tannenwald

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new version of Womemn's Hoops Guru. As Mel has been alluding to of late, we've finally made the switch to the blogging platform you've seen on the rest of Philly.com's blogs.

The move means a few things. First, you can finally comment on Mel's posts again; I realize that function was taken away from the old blog a while ago. Mel's blog was, I believe, the very last one of all to move over to this platform, and that's part of why comments on the old blog were closed.

In order to comment, you have to register with Philly.com, but once you do that you can comment on any article or blog post anywhere on the site, which you couldn't do on the old blog.

Those of you who read Mel's work in an RSS reader will want to copy the new feed into your programs: http://www.philly.com/womhoops.rss

If you have any questions, feel free to email me by clicking on my name in the bio box at right.

And speaking of that box, before you ask Mel too many times, that is an old headshot and we're working on getting a newer one in there.

Thanks for reading, and please spread the word about the new URL to your friends and colleagues on all your message boards and listservs and so forth.

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