UPDATE on column: What TSA is or isn't doing to us at checkpoints

The Transportation Security Administration is making news all over the place. Read on to see what other columnists are saying about it, but first, let me report to you on a question I asked in yesterday's Winging It column (find it two posts below this one).

The column brought a lot of "spirited" comments, although only a few were on the main topic of Spirit Airlines treatment of passengers during its recent strike. Most of the e-mails -- about 30 e-mails and phone calls so far -- dealt with a separate question at the end of the column on travelers' experience recently with TSA enforcement of the rule that small bottles of liquids must be in a separate zip-top quart-size plastic bag at security checkpoints. The rule is still prominently featured on the www.tsa.gov Web site.

The tally so far: Everyone who commented has had some experience of TSA screeners not stopping them to enforce the rule. Several frequent travelers said they have gone through security multiple times without being stopped. The only variations are by airport. Some seem to be more vigilant than others. Please keep the comments coming, and I will tally them both here and in the print-online column next Monday.

Speaking of TSA and security, Inquirer columnist Dan Rubin continues to get feedback from female travelers who have had unpleasant experiences at PHL checkpoints when they were selected for additional screening. And New York Times business-travel columnist Joe Sharkey has been asking his readers for their thoughts on the full-body scanning machines that growing in use at airports.