Today's report: Live ammunition, airlines, TSA

The world remains atwitter today over TSA, its airport screening techniques and its overall competency in keeping us protected from whatever it is we're supposed to be afraid of. Wherever you go on the Web, you can find more articles, opinions and satire about what passengers (some of them, occasionally and at only one checkpoint at PHL, Terminal F) are going through. Here's a roundup of some of what popped up on my screen in the last few hours.

I like's take on a child finding a loaded ammunition magazine in the seatback pocket of a Southwest jet. According to this story, they're still looking for the federal law-enforcement officer who apparently had permission to take it on the plane (did he have permission to leave it, too?). You will find links at the site to some of the other bizarre stories that the TSA airport checkpoint procedures have produced. 

The Inquirer gave a frontpage free ride to a Bucks County Libertarian activist who started one of the anti-TSA Web sites. His poltiical affiliation isn't in the story but is in a comment from a reader who outs him. From a different poltical perspective, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Eugene Robinson says let's give the TSA a break for doing what the Bush and Obama administrations, apparently with substantial public support, asked it to do on airport security 

In case anyone cares, from home early tomorrow, we will be using the really scary, dangerous way to get to the relatives for Thanksgiving dinner. We will be afraid, very afraid, just like we've been told to be! We will be driving on an interstate highway! Happy holidays!

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