TSA rolling out new 'trusted traveler' program

The transportation security agency is trying, once again, to speed up the airport checkpoint process for some travelers with a program, being tested at a few major airports. If you're vetted ahead of time in the program, you can skip some steps, including taking off shoes and removing laptops from bags, Here is a story from the Los Angeles Times about implementation at LAX. 

Another look at how the new system is working was in the weekly On the Road column by Joe Sharkey, Tuesday in the New York Times. Sounds good, but as commenters have pointed out, the issue is whether the new "trusted travelers" will have to wait with everyone else to get the head of the line, where TSA agents check IDs. If so, maybe not much time, only a little dignity for some, may be saved. 

And we missed posting a good story by Inquirer beat reporter Linda Loyd a few days ago on the TSA's "kinder, gentler" screening methods at PHL. Find it here...