Security screening video & Thanksgiving travel

Attention holiday travelers: The TSA's new airport screening methods continue to get more attention than they may deserve, or less, depending on how you feel about full-body scans and aggressive frisking of those who don't want to be scanned. Today's fun stories include this one about a video that's gone viral of a passenger at the San Diego airport declining to be scanned.

In Washington, a Senate committee tried to hold a  hearing about the equally (or is it  more?) important security issue of air cargo, but it also became a forum for questions of TSA administrator John Pistole about civil rights during the full-body scans or  aggressive patdowns. 

And by the way, the Inquirer today has the usual pre-Thanksgiving holiday story about how many of us -- quite a few more than 2009 -- will be on the roads and in the air next week.