UPDATE: Bag fees increase at three airlines

UPDATED, with the addition of a third airline: The airlines that charge fees for checked bags seem to be like dogs that never get enough to eat -- serve them dinner and then put another bowl in front of them and they'll scarf it down until they make themselves sick. Since you customers (it's all your fault, you see) refuse to fly as much if fares go up, most airlines have fallen in love with finding "ancillary revenue," a sweet name for charging you for all the things that once were included in a ticket price. Here's the latest on what major carriers are doing in bag fees.

Pay close attention now: Delta, in a move sure to confuse yet more customers, raised its fee for a first checked bag on domestic flights to $23 for the first one and $32 for the second, but that's only if you pay the fee online before arriving at the airport. If checking the bags at the airport, the fees are now $25 and $35. For international flights, Delta says on its Web site that there's no charge for most destinations for the first two bags, but to and from Europe, it's $50 for a second checked bag. Another layer of rules applies to Latin America and Caribbean flights, so look here if you need more detail. 

UPDATED: These fees represent a 53 percent increase over the $15 and $25 for first and second bags checked and paid for online that the carriers were previously charging.

Continental matched Delta's increase in fees, but at least has a big chart on its Web site that lays everything out. UPDATED: United said it will match the new fee schedule. It's only a matter of time before we hear from US Airways.

By the way, in case you don't listen to TV commercials, Southwest remains the only major that doesn't charge for the first two bags, and JetBlue (which doesn't serve PHL) the only one not charging for the first.