Airlines may charge extra for families sitting together

The airlines' love of fees for services that used to be baked into a ticket price, such as reserving an aisle or window seat when a ticket is purchased, is hurting the chances of familes sitting together without paying extra for the "privilege." This issue was first raised in a Winging It blog post last Dec. 21 when we posted a Chris Elliott travel column about it as a growing problem.Now other media are discovering the same thing, and looking at what the fee-for-service trend is doing to current summer vacation travel planning for families. Read the latest report, by an AP reporter, on the issue here ... 

As pointed out in the December blog post, one way to avoid paying extra to avoid a middle seat is to fly on an airline without reserved seats. Southwest is the only one we know of in that category, and if that's your choice, make sure you know how to work the SW boarding system, as outlined in the post.

Have a nice flight!