US Airways repeats revenue forecast, and a good question raised about bag fees

Limited time and resources prevented anyone from The Inquirer attending US Airways annual media day, held yesterday at its Tempe, Ariz., headquarters. I was able to attend the event the last three years, and found it helpful for meeting airline officials and getting detail on some of their plans. But no big breaking news came out of the events in the past, and that seems to be the same this year. The only news story spotted this morning from the day is a short one in the trade paper Air Transport World. The article  notes that airline execs repeated their forecast for $400-$500 million in ancillary revenue this year from "a la carte" pricing of services such as checked bags. 

Related to all airlines' enthusiasm for finding sources of ancillary revenue, I found a good entry on a Web site of the International Association of Airline Passengers asking whether travelers should be expecting better baggage service if they're now paying extra for it.

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