Sully worries about future of airlines

I hope you had a chance to see CBS' 60 Minutes on Sunday, most of which was devoted to interviews with Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger of US Airways Flight 1549, others in his crew, his family, and some of the survivors of that amazing flight. If you didn't feel emotional at numerous points while watching a very well-told tale, the kind of story that television conveys best, you're very different than I am. 

From what I can tell, this link to CBS News' homepage covers a followup interview with Katie Couric, or outtakes from the show I don't recall seeing Sunday. Sullenberger expresses concern that the current state of the airlines, and the compensation cuts that pilots have suffered in recent years. could lead to a significant shortage of experienced pilots down the road. Lots of footage of CBS' coverage is also available. 

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