Sleeping tight, after 17 months

easton weston

Such a sweet photo of Weston Keeton (foreground) and his brother Easton sharing a bed at the Gift of Life Family House. I wrote a column last week about Weston's impending discharge from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where he'd been confined for 17 months, awaiting a heart and double-lung transplant.

He still needs the surgery, but doctors were able to stabilize his health enough that he could leave CHOP and live with his mom, Julie; Easton; and baby sister, Ellie, at Gift of Life, the new hotel at 4th and Callowhill Sts. for transplant patients and their families. Monday night was the first night, in 17 months, that Weston did not sleep in a hospital.

"He did great; he slept all night," says Julie, whose four other children are at home in Tennessee with dad Adam, praying for Weston's good health. "We are all thrilled."