William and Kate invite exes to royal wedding

The internet is buzzing with the news that Prince William and Kate Middleton have invited their exes to the royal wedding. William is reported to have invited 5 ex-girlfriends while Kate has settled on 2 ex-boyfriends.

Prince William's exes

Jecca Craig: William and Jecca met when the Prince was just 16 years old. He spent time at her family's estate in Kenya during his gap year helping with the conservation of rhinos. They even carried out a fake engagement while he was there.

Rose Farquhar: William and Rose dated after he left Eton in 2000. She remains close friends with William and has become close with Kate, too.


Have/would you invite an ex to your wedding?

Olivia Hunt: She and Prince William dated at St. Andrews University, but she "cut the scene" when Kate entered the picture.

Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe: Isabella and the Prince met in 2004 at a ball and chatted all night. Rumor has it Isabella was the reason Kate called time out with William a few years ago and that William pursued her during the break up.

Arabella Musgrave: The Prince and Arabella dated in 2001 but were over by the time he entered St. Andrew's.

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Kate Middleton's exes

Rupert Finch: Rupert attended St Andrews with Kate and William. They reportedly dated for a year before Kate met William.

Willem Marx: Kate and Willem dated during their last year at Marlborough. They remain close. (Photo source)

No word on whether the ex flames are invited to all three events of the day. 1900 guests were invited to just the ceremony, but only 600 made the list for Queen Elizabeth II's lunch reception, and 300 to an intimate dinner hosted by Prince Charles.

One has to wonder why anyone would invite former loves to such a high-profile wedding. Experts are split on whether they should be invited or not, but advise couples to think it over very carefully. Have/would you invite your ex to your wedding?