Storm: Noon update

The generous meringue of snow that had layered the region has turned to water ice, and the freezing rain has transformed the trees into worthy subjects for Claude Monet.

But the temperature finally has nudged about freezing even north and west of the city, so that should bring the icing to an end for Philadelphia and neighboring suburbs. By the afternoon rush, just about all the roads should be just wet.

The ice accumulations have been impressive, with as much as a quarter-inch measured. Here are the latest totals. For the ice, scroll to the bottom.

The sleet and freezing rain fell atop a snowfall generally in the 1 to 1.5-inch range, although 3 was reported in Pottstown.

While the snow totals were paltry, moving that mass of snow and ice was no picnic.

Nolan Doesken, the Colorado state climatologist who is one of the nation's leading snow experts, noted that when it comes to snow, weight is far more important than depth.

Weight is a function of the water content, and that slurry mass out there this morning had the heft of about 8 inches of snow.

Fortunately, the temperature is not going to make below freezing overnight, so a hard freeze will be averted.

With temperatures headed toward the low 40s tomorrow, it would be wise to get as much of this muck out of the way as possible.

Starting Thursday, the coldest weather of the winter is due to filter in, with some snow possible Thursday night and Friday.