Storm: Morning update

Temperatures have nudged above freezing all the way to Reading, and the steady precipitation appears to be ending.

The ice storm warnings have been canceled from Philadelphia south and east, and that should happen north and west shortly.

Aesthetically, it is yet another amazing morning in an amazing winter, with tree branches in many places delicately and thoroughly glazed.

It is not so pretty under foot and under tire, and so far about 50,000 have lost power.

That's siginficant, but to put that in context, over 500,000 lost power in the Jan. 7, 1994, ice storm.

It appears that the region has been spared the worst-possible outcomes, but the ice accumulations have been substantial, and the power-outage numbers are likely to go up.

Gusty winds, perhaps 40 m.p.h., are expected later today and this evening, and that could bring down some of those over-burdened tree limbs.

We should also mention that heavy rains are possible at the Shore, where temperatures this morning are well into the 40s.