Snow day

On Oct. 10, 1979, 2.1 inches of snow was recorded officially at Philadelphia International Airport, the early measureable snow ever in the City of Brotherly Love.

In fact, that record appears to be one of the safer ones in the books.

You might remember that last year, measureable snow -- all 0.3 inches of it at the airport -- fell on Oct. 29, but that missed the record by a hefty 19 days.

Before the 2011 snow, the earliest snow came on Nov. 8, 1953, and that was serious business.

The airport weighted in with 8.8 inches that day, to the disbelief of a young Philadelphian named Joel Myers, who measured 13 inches out his way.

Myers, who would go on to found Accu-Weather, has said that storm, and what he viewed as a suspect measurement, further fired his interest in weather.

As for the latest first-snow date, that's somewhat of a trick question. No measureable snow whatsoever fell during the winter of 1972-73. 

If we can agree to put an asterisk on that one, the latest first-snow date would be Feb. 3, 1995.

No October snow is on the horizon this year, although the National Weather Services warns that freezing temperatures outside the city are possible on Saturday morning.

Looking further head, though, the Climate Prediction Center has the odds favoring above-normal temperatures in the two-week period.