Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snow burst

It won't last long, but snow covering ground around Philly; more at Shore.

Snow burst

A drive-by Alberta Clippper is generating decent snows at the Shore, and a fairly intense snow-burst is coating the ground around Philly.

The system has been moisture-starved, but has picked up some juice at the last minute as it approaches the Atlantic.

It should all be over in an hour or so, but already 2 inches has been reported in Cape May, and Philadelphia is likely to add a few more tenths to its paltry seasonal snow total.

Yesterday, by the way, the official measuring station reported 0.1 inches at Philadelphia International Airprot/National Park, bringing the 2012-13 total to 4.3.

A few more snow threats are on the horizon the next few days, but nothing big is anticipated.

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