Snow, and no

Snowfall in Upper Merion Twp. is a far cry from the rainy day experienced in Philadelphia and South Jersey. (Tony Wood / Staff)

To paraphrase the cliche attributed to Mark Twain, if you don't like the weather today, drive around for a few miles.

The pre-season storm is offering a clinic in the region's microclimates, with greeting-card snow alternating with white rain, depending on elevation and-or distance north and west of the city.

If you took the train into town from the Pennsylvania suburbs this morning, don't be surprised if you have to step into some semi-frozen slop to get into your car this evening.

Meanwhile, it's been just another rainy day in South Jersey.

The heftiest snow totals we've seen so far came from Glenmoore, Chester County, 4.3 inches; Skippack, Montgomery County, and Furlong, Bucks County, 3.3, and 3.0 in Wayne section of Radnor Township, Delaware County.

You'll find the latest snow-accumulation forecast map here, but it will look a whole lot more linear than reality.

The official National Weather Service forecast calls for precipitation to fall mainly as snow north and west of the city into the late-day commute.

However, the latest radar image does show some backing off of the frozen-precipitation line.

Temperatures are at or slightly above freezing north and west of the city, and well above to the south and east.

It 2 it was holding at 38 at Philadelphia International Airport, which still awaits its fire measureable snow of the season.

We'll keep you apprised.