Snows of late winter

Taken together, the last two winters have a shot at joining elite company. Among back-to-back mild winters, they are on pace to become among the warmest tandems on record.

The two-season average temperatures are running at just over 40 degrees.

The all-time two winter champs are those legendary seasons of 1931-32, and 1932-33, at 41.6, and 40.1 respectively.

The February outlooks remain muddled, although the latest Climate Prediction Center forecast sees the odds favoring warmth the first half of the month.

But if the period of records offers any guidance, Feb. 1 is no time to give up on snow in the Philadelphia region.

The records date to 1884, and that period the region has experienced 2,889.5, not including the thimble-ful that fell in Philadelphia this morning.

On average, that's about 22 inches a season. Of that, 54 percent has fallen from Feb. 1 on, or about a foot a season.

A couple of snow threats show up over the next several days, but even if they are no more than threats, simple climatology suggests that we will live to shovel again.