Naked tree warning

The remnants of the region's brilliant foliage are hanging tough, but the vistas could become considerably more muted by Thursday.

The National Weather Service has a wind advisory in effect for tomorrow, with gusts up to 45 m.p.h. possible.

In other words, if you live with or near trees, a serious raking situation looms.

One aside: If it seems that trees are keeping their leaves longer than they did in the old days, that's because they are.

Generally, the hard freezes that accelerate leaf-drop have been coming later than they used to.

Another factor, as Paul Meyer at the Morris Arboretum has noted, is the fact that the region has so many more non-native trees these days, including Norway Maples and Bradford Callery pears.

No matter where their trees came from, however, leaves may have have a hard time withstanding the coming gusts.