March: Case of the missing winds

They haven't been quite as scace as the rains -- at 0.51 inches, rainfall is 16 percent of normal for the month in Philadelphia -- but March winds haven't lived up to their reputations.

As winter retreats in the Northern Hemisphere, and the vanguard of summer invades from the south, radcial temperature contrasts help make March the windiest month of the year.

On average, sustained winds for the month have been around 11 m.p.h., but even with yesterday's rally, the monthly average stood at 8.5 m.p.h., about 75 percent of normal.

That lack of wind had something to do with the extraordinary run of fog; fog has been reported on 16 days so far this month.

As for temperature, through yesterday, the monthl average at Philadelphia International Airport was 52.9, or 10.2 above normal.

Today will knock down that number ever so slightly, but it does appear that the month is on track to become the warmest March on record in Philadelphia.

And, personally, we haven't missed the winds.