Historic hot spell losing steam

This should be the last summery day for awhile, with temperatures cresting in the low to mid-80s, followed by thundestorms, followed by April. But this has been yet another historic run of weather.

The official high yesterday, 89, missed the record in Philadelphia by a degree. And believe it or not Philadelphia was a regional cool spot.
In New York, the temperature hit 92 in Central Park, the earliest 90-plus reading ever, and it smashed the old standard of 89, set in 1929.
Newark hit 92, a record; Boston, 90, a record, but perhaps the most impressive show of April warmth has occurred atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire, a summit that prides itself on having the worst weather on Earth.
The Mount Washington Observatory reported a high of 50 yesterday. Yes, that was a record – and it represented a cool-down.
On April 3, the thermometer hit a new summit for the date, 56 smashing the old record by an astonishing 14 degrees. For the 24-hour period, the temperature was about 30 degrees above normal.
In Philadelphia, the 1929 heat spell was more impressive, with two 90-plus readings. However, as mentioned in The Inquirer today, this was the warmest first week of April ever.
The final average temperature for the seven days came in at 64.5, beating 1929’s 61.3.