Heat backs off by Fourth

On Monday and Tuesday the temperature reached 105 in Denver, and those weren't only records for the dates -- 105 matched the highest reading ever recorded in Denver.

It won't get that hot here, but the core of the heat over the Plains is making its move eastward, and we'll start to feel it tomorrow.

The National Weather Service sees it getting into the mid-90s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, thus the "excessive heat warning."

Nature will lower the burners on Monday and Tuesday, and right now July 4th is looking relatively decent with temperatures no higher than 90.

Glancing ahead to the rest of the summer, we've mentioned that the weather service's statistical analysis foresees near normal temperatures for the June 1-Aug. 31 period.

Given that June is going to finish slightly above normal, that would suggest slightly below-normal July-August temperatures.

WSI Corp., in New England, sees the steamiest heat staying to our west, with July temperatures perhaps slightly above normal, and a cool-down in August.

In the short term, enjoy sleeping with the windows open tonight. It's not supposed to get below 72 in Philadelphia during the following five nights.