DirecTV drops Weather Channel

In an ugly public dispute, DirecTV has severed relations with the Weather Channel.

Weather Channel CEO David Kenny said he was "shocked" by the decision. "We are not looking for a large fee increase. We are simply looking for a fair deal," he said.

DirecTV says the issue isn’t just about money, although fees are a sticking point. In a statementy, it posted some blistering comments about the weather giant’s content.

“Most consumers don’t want to watch a weather information channel with a forecast of a 40 percent chance of reality TV,” it said.

As for where its 20 million viewers will get their weather, DirecTV advised that the atmosphere is an ocean of air swarming with other fish.

It recommended that customers check out WeatherNation, Channel 362, or almost anywhere else in the known media universe.

Although it said DirectTV’s decision wasn’t a factor, AccuWeather, the collusus of State College, announced that it would be getting into the TV business later this year.

But AccuWeather did say that DirectTV’s action did speed up the timing of the announcement.

Stay tuned.