VIDEO: This is why you don't challenge Khal Drago to slaps

"Slaps" is an archaic, but occasionally necessary, source of entertainment that comes in handy (see what I did there?) when the power is out and all of your phones are dead and so is your iPad and you don't have an emergency generator because you're not a truther. Or if it's 1802. In either of those scenarios, it's clear that the only means of entertainment is to see how hard you can slap your friend's hands.

Recently, a member of the obscure Atlanta band Radio Birds was cornered by neither such scenario when he decided to challenge actor Jason Momoa to a friendly game of "slaps."

It's important to note that Jason Momoa looks like this:

He played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and played Conan the Barbarian a few years back. Dude's not exactly tiny. Anyway, one of the guys in Radio Birds challenged him to a game of "slaps" and that game played out exactly as you'd expect it to.

This is why you don't challenge Khal Drogo to a game of "slaps." [h/t Reddit]