VIDEO: The Miley Cyrus/'Breaking Bad' mashup that the Internet deserves

On Monday, all anyone could talk about was Miley Cyrus', ahem, enthusiastic performance at MTV's VMAs on Sunday night and, obviously, Breaking Bad. Have you heard about this show? You should be watching this show.

Anyway, during Sunday night's Breaking Bad episode (SPOILER ALERT) Walt films a "confession" in which he admits that he's been cooking meth, but says that it's because his brother in-law, Hank, has been Heisenberg all along, forcing him to produce the drug under fear for his life. He walks through every major plot development in his meth career and can point to Hank's involvement, even though we all know full-well that Hank's had nothing to do with it.

One of the more memorable scene's from Sunday's episode features Hank and his wife, Marie, standing, jaws agape, in their living room, watching the previously mild-mannered Walt pour out his devious lies.

Because the Internet is a wonderful place filled with kittens and gumdrops, someone went ahead and put Miley Cyrus' performance on Hank and Marie's TV to create the only response to Miley's performance that captures America's collective reaction better than the facial expressions of the Smith family.

The result may not the Breaking Bad/Miley Cyrus mashup video that the Internet deserves, but it's definitely the one it needs right now.