VIDEO: PBS is here with 'Long Island Landscapers' to remind you that reality TV sucks

If you don't believe that the quality of television content is heading for a bad place, please take a look at the History Channel's programming schedule on the Fourth of July. Things are dire. Seriously, Honey Boo Boo is ready to make her drooling return to your living rooms every week.

Luckily, PBS is here to warn everyone.

New York PBS station previously posted a slew of posters for fake television programs like Bayou Eskimos all over the city's subway stations. Now, a little more than a month later, the station has released trailers for three additional fake shows.

Below are the trailers for Long Island Landscapers, Meet the Tanners, and Clam Kings. They're not real shows, but, really, could they be much worse than Duck Dynasty? Could they?