VIDEO: MSNBC host paraphrases House GOP, 'We hate you, we hate your a** face'

MSNBC's Chris Hayes was paraphrasing a statement from the House GOP on his All In program on Wednesday while speaking with AOL co-founder Steve Case.

Hayes read part of the statement released yesterday by House Leader John Boehner’s office before trailing off and summarizing the remainder of the statement as, "Blah, blah, blah. We hate you, we hate your ass face."

The GOP statement was released by House Leader John Boehner’s office on Thursday as a means to expressing skepticism about their Democratic counterparts’ promises for supporting border security measures in a House reform bill. Midway through reading aloud a paragraph from the statement, Hayes trailed off, and instead made the mocking summarization.

The line is actually a Waiting for Guffman reference. [h/t]