VIDEO: Jon Stewart calls out CNN (again) for their crappy tragedy coverage

Everyone's favorite crappy cable news network, CNN, was on the scene in Washington earlier this week to cover the mass shooting in the city's Navy Yard section. Obviously, they opted to put a bunch of anchors and pundits on the screen and have them speculate and debate the truth about the matter rather than, you know, deliberating in private, ascertaining what they could confirm as true, and then reporting it in a timely manner.

Jon Stewart and his team at The Daily Show continued to do the Lord's work on Tuesday when they spent the better part of their program lambasting CNN and the other news networks for blowing their coverage of yet another major national tragedy.

The three part segment features clips from the networks as Stewart explains that they should have learned from their mistakes during the Boston Marathon bombing coverage. Then, it culminates with the entire Daily Show news team standing in the streets mocking CNN's crappy coverage by hypothesizing about a Godzilla attack near the network's New York headquarters.

Spend the next 10 minutes reveling in the fact that Jon Stewart and his cohorts are the heroes the American news consumers need, right now.