VIDEO: Joe Pesci 'touched' Jonah Hill at 'The Wolf of Wall Street' premiere

If you haven't seen The Wolf of Wall Street, stop what you're doing and go revel in the horrible splendor that is classic American excess and greed. Maybe before you rush to the theater, though, you should take a couple of minutes to let Jonah Hill tell you about what it was like filming and opening the Oscar-nominated picture.

Hill received a nod for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the film. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and features wonderful performances from Margot Robbie and Rob Reiner and Kyle Chandler. On Thursday, Jonah Hill stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to plug The Wolf of Wall Street and his forthcoming turn as SNL host, this Saturday.

Always endearing if not faux pretentious, Hill talks about the time that he and Leo turned to Reiner for wisdom on-set when news of the Sandy Hook massacre broke. He talks about how comforting Reiner was in that particular moment and how much respect he has for the actor after having spent that kind of time with him.

Then, Hill recounts the time that Joe Pesci put his fingers up his ass at The Wolf of Wall Street premiere. Yup, it's a thing that happened.

Click here to watch the video.