VIDEO: New York Times bestselling author Jenna Jameson slurs her way through awkward interview

Former adult film star and New York Times bestselling author (seriously) Jenna Jameson has a new book out titled Sugar. We know we had you at "New York Times bestselling author Jenna Jameson," but, just in case, check out the product description.


Fleeing Los Angeles and her scarlet past a former porn star returns to her New York roots hoping to lose herself in the crowded city streets, protected from the paparazzi's reach . . . or so she thinks. A chance encounter with a returned war hero--now prominent investment CEO--is the very last thing she wants or needs, or is it?  

When the handsome and deliciously kinky CEO shows her that there are other ways to satisfy her needs (and he knows all of them), she finds herself in the middle of a sexual awakening, a true romance and a happily ever after. This is a rollicking must-read for all fans of How to Make Love Like a Porn Star.

*Drops everything, sprints to Barnes & Noble*

Jameson, who's in the middle of a nasty public split from Tito Ortiz (this guy), made an appearance on Good Morning, New York in an effort to plug her latest literary effort. Though she was scheduled to have two segments on the show, producers cut her time short because she was slurring her speech and answering questions erratically.

She managed to keep it together long enough, though, to trash Fifty Shades of Grey and briefly elaborate on her "yummy story."

Check out the video of her appearance, below.