VIDEO: Incredible timelapse transformation of homeless veteran

Back in September, Degage Ministries in Grand Rapids, Michigan teamed up with filmmaker Rob Bliss to create this incredible timelapse transformation of U.S. Army Veteran Jim Wolf.

Wolf has battled poverty, homelessness and alcoholism for decades, but, thanks in part to Degage and Bliss, was able to turn his life around. At the beginning of the video, Wolf looks eerily similar to William H. Macy's drunk and absent character on Shameless, Frank Gallagher. But, after some help from a stylist and the team of producers, he's dapper as all hell.

“The homeless are people we ignore every day,” Bliss said. He set out to create a time-lapse video of the physical transformation of a homeless person to show how “they can look like they’re meant for the cover of GQ — they have that potential too.” [The Blaze]

Since filming, Wolf has been scheduled for housing and is attending AA classes for the first time in his life.