VIDEO: Firefighters sing 'Frozen' song to little girl stuck in elevator


A group of Massachusetts firefighters got their Disney singalong on while on the job this week, when a mother and her two small children were stuck in an elevator. A 4-year-old girl named Kaelyn Kerr was with her baby brother Jackson and their mother, Kristen, riding in chair lift-type elevator on Wednesday when the thing got stuck, temporarily trapping them inside. The door wouldn't budge and the buttons were no help, so Kristen had to get in touch with the fire department.

When help arrived, the family needed a ladder to get out of the elevator and little Kaelyn was visibly upset. Luckily, the firefighters on the scene were dads who knew exactly how to calm the girl down. They started talking about Frozen and quickly offered their own karaoke version of the hit song "Let it Go."

Adele Dazeem to the rescue, again.

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