Urban Dictionary turned IBM's talking computer into a potty mouth

TV Man vs Machine

Urban Dictionary is incredibly useful—especially for people who spend an inordinate proportion of their time on the Interwebz *raises hand*. See a phrase you don't recognize (it's probably some type of grimy sexual act)? Search for it on Urban Dictionary (oh, look at that: it's a grimy sexual act) and consider yourself learned. The site helps everyone stay on top of what the kids are calling it these days.

So, in an effort to further blur the line between human and robot, the folks at IBM fed Urban Dictionary to their talking computer Watson (of Jeopardy fame). Great idea, right? Apparently not, because Watson started throwing out swear words left and right like a parrot on Lisa Lampanelli's shoulder. To get Watson to stop adding b**** to the end of every answer like he was Jesse Pinkman, the IBM people ended up having to go all Men in Black on Watson.

Chalk this one up as a victory for the humans. How will the robot armies be able to properly execute attacks during the rise of the machines if the robot military leaders can't even figure out how to properly insult all of their troops? [The Atlantic]