HBO Go crashed and ruined 'True Detective' for everyone

McConaughey and Harrelson see more than they'd like to in 'True Detective'

True Detective has driven people mad. Just like The King in Yellow from Robert W. Chambers, anyone who consumes it is driven mad. Whether you're trying to figure out the location of Carcosa or untangle the corruption behind a ring of child abductions and sacrifices, the show has pushed the Internet to dream up complicated, unreasonable theories that call into question the sanity of the very people who conjured them. And that was before HBO Go crashed for thousands (or millions and millions) of people as they sat down to bask in one of the most highly anticipated season finales in recent television history.

People flocked to Twitter on Sunday night to try to figure out what the hell was up with their HBO Go. They quickly learned that they weren't alone.


Obviously, this prompted everyone with a pulse to make "time is a flat circle" jokes while chugging Lone Star beer in an effort to numb themselves to the pain caused by human consciousness. A few hours after the issue presented itself, users were able to actually watch the finale of True Detective and venture into Carcosa. HBO didn't offer a comment on the situation beyond what was posted to Twitter. [WSJ]

Worse than having HBO Go down and not issuing a more detailed statement, though, the @HBO feed continued to tweet lines from the highly-anticipated finale as people on the West Coast and relying on the streaming service looked on, horrified.