The end is nigh because here's Justin Bieber's selfie startup

Everyone with half a brain understands that the only thing tweens love more than Justin Bieber is taking pictures of themselves with their phones and tweeting them at Justin Bieber. Thankfully, the adult swaggy bro himself is keen to help his constituents do what they love with profound efficiency.

Enter: Shots for Me.

Shots for Me is a tech startup that has raised approximately $2 million in funding. What does Shots for me do, exactly? Glad you asked. Essentially, it's a crappy Instagram that only allows you to take pictures with the camera that faces you when you hold it out, thus creating a social network of selfies.

Shots of Me has a direct messaging system where you can ping anyone who follows you, similar to Twitter. This way, any drama stays private and randos can't troll you.

Well, you've got to be happy with that. As ridiculous as the app and network sound, and despite the fact that every time a tween posts a selfie to the Internet a boy band breaks up, Shots of Me is going to be a thing and it is entirely possible that it is going to succeed. Why? Because it is, essentially, an unnecessary app built solely on the premise that The Biebz can peddle crap to tweens.

Some will undoubtedly say Bieber has no business investing in tech, but if he can consistently sell millions of record and huge numbers of concert tickets, he must have a knack for understanding what kids want.

If you need me, I'll be prepping my doomsday bunker. [TechCrunch, h/t Valley Wag]