Seattle cops to teach people about new marijuana laws with Doritos

Way back in November, the citizens of Washington state voted to pass Initiative 502, effectively legalizing marijuana. Now, when Initiative 502 passed, it wasn't like everyone could suddenly just start handing out bricks of the sticky icky without any consequences. The legalization of weed, obviously, came with caveats and regulations. Regulations that, apparently, many of Washington's stoners aren't hip to.

Luckily, the state's police force understands how to appeal to their target demographic. At the upcoming Seattle Hempfest, cops plan to educate the state's stoners on the dos and don'ts of Initiative 502 by handing out bags of Doritos. Seriously.

"Distributing salty snacks at a festival celebrating hemp, I think, is deliberately ironic enough that people will accept them in good humor," says police department spokesman Sergeant Sean Whitcomb. "We want to make sure people learn the rules and that they respect the vote."

The labels on the snack-sized bags will direct festival attendees to the SPD's post-legalization FAQ titled "Marijwhatnow?" which went viral last November, reminding citizens that possessing up to an ounce of pot is allowed, but selling and growing the stuff remains illegal (until licenses are issued later this year by the state).

With funding for the project coming entirely from the privately run Seattle Police Foundation, police say they plan to distribute about 1,000 bags of Doritos over the weekend. [The Stranger, h/t Gawker]