WATCH: NEPA kid 'apparently' gives best TV news interview ever

If reincarnation indeed exists, then Northeastern Pennsylvania news outlet WNEP may well have found the newest version of Howard Cosell at the Wayne County fair. His name is Noah Ritter, he's 5, and he "apparently" gives the best interviews on TV. 

WNEP reporter Sofia Ojeda recently scored the interview, taking the station's county fair package from "meh" to "awwwww" in no time flat. In fact, it appears that everything happened so fast, no one could even remember what the interview was about—least of all Noah. 

"Apparently I've never been on live television before, but apparently sometimes I don't watch the news because I'm a kid," he says at one point, leaving Ojeda virtually speechless. 

From there, he verbally takes off to tell us a litany of facts, including:

-His grandfather loves to watch the Powerball drawing.

-Some of the rides at the fair do nothing but make you dizzy.

-He has never been on TV before (again).

-His dad is from Toms River.

-The Super Slide may scare you half to death.

He would have probably just kept going, too, if Grandpa didn't cut him off toward the end there. After all, the kid apparently is a natural.