Looks like Pa. criminals are robbing the Amish at gunpoint now

A masked assailant robbed a horse and buggy, like the one pictured above, in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, early Monday morning. (Photo via iStock)

The Discovery Channel's Amish Mafia may well have come under fire recently for its negative portrayal of Amish people, which critics call "potentially damaging." But, as we learned today, there is still crime in Amish Country, only it's not the Pennsylvania Dutch—it's us, the English.

East Lampeter Township (about five miles outside Lancaster) can attest to that following the robbery of a horse and buggy early Monday morning. At around 12:40 a.m. on East Eby Road, a masked gunman driving a white minivan forced a group of three Amish travelers off the road, demanding money at gunpoint. He eventually got away, but not before the driver of the buggy sprung into action to protect his travel companions.

As per Lancaster Online: 

The victims tossed their wallets to the suspects. One of them threw his wallet behind the robber, according to East Lampeter police Lt. Robin Weaver.

When the robber turned around to get the wallet, the driver of the buggy directed his horse to take off into an adjacent field.

"A horse and buggy has no problem in a field, and they figured the robber wouldn't follow them out there," Weaver said. "It was pretty quick thinking on their part."

The suspect got back into the minivan, which was last seen traveling west on East Eby Road. 

Lt. Robin Weaver of the East Lampeter police, meanwhile, told Lancaster Online that "to pick on people such as the Amish" is an act of "desperation," adding that he believes horse-and-buggy robberies have "occurred in the past." Which, to his credit, is probably correct—especially if we're talking pre-automobile history.

Now, if only it would stay that way.

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