LISTEN: Jon Lajoie of 'The League' has the perfect response to the Miley Cyrus twerking fiasco

Jon Lajoie is best known as Taco on the FX comedy series The League. But, in addition to his acting gigs, Lajoie is pretty popular on the Internets for his hilarious songs on everything from normal life to catchy radio singles.

In the wake of The Great Miley Cyrus Twerking Fiasco of 2013, Lajoie penned a brief song to highlight the hypocrisy of America's anger and disgust. It's called "Miley, You're a Good Girl" and it's definitely worth two minutes and 30 seconds of your Tuesday.

Where did she get the id-e-a to act like a sexual object?

I suspect she is on drugs, I think she's losing her mind.

Did you see her shaking her ass on TV, singing "Blurred Lines"?

Which is such a wholesome song, I can't believe she ruined it.

Her slutty moves made Robin Thicke look misogynistic.

What a b****, she makes me sick, doesn't she have ethics?

How dare she try to use sex to sell pop music.

We want topless women in our music videos,

We want pop stars acting like they're in a porno.

You know we want it and we gettin' what we asked for,

But then when Miley does it we say, "Oh my God, no!"