Guy with flower pot on head robs gas station with chainsaw

Though you're probably satisfied with the amount of information contained in the headline "Guy with flower pot on head robs gas station with chainsaw" and the accompanying photograph, here are a few more details about a recent robbery in Australia.

  • On Monday, a man allegedly entered a 7-Eleven in Australia, armed with a chainsaw
  • He allegedly demanded money, but mooned the employees and stole a soda when they wouldn't hand over cash
  • He supposedly knocked over multiple shelves and damaged a car on his way out
  • Police arrested Steven Frank Steele walking beside a road near the scene of the crime
  • Authorities found the chainsaw in a bush near the scene
  • He'll face charges of armed robbery, willful damage, and a slew of other related offenses
Police allege the man then used the chainsaw to damage a window

and several display racks in the shop, before exposing his buttocks to the store attendants. He is accused of damaging a parked vehicle upon fleeing the scene.

It will be alleged the man made demands for money, but left the store only with a bottle of soft drink and the chainsaw.

A police officer en route to the service station noticed the suspect walking down Ash St shortly after the incident. He was placed under arrest. [Queensland Times]