Clear your Thursday schedule: 'Temple Run 2' comes out tomorrow

All the crap you planned to accomplish tomorrow will just have to wait until Friday (or 2014) because Temple Run 2 descends upon North America on Thursday.

The new version—already released in New Zealand—touts better graphics, a scarier monkey, more power-ups, and added special powers. The folks at Kotaku break down the differences and explain Temple Run to the newbs that managed to make it this far without it occupying their every waking moment.

Basically, start faking sick now so it's easier to explain to your bosses why you're spending an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom for the rest of the week (thinking ahead).

Is there already a 13-minute video of gameplay from the new version? Um, it's already out in New Zealand. So, yeah, there's already a 13-minute video of gameplay.