Breast milk-flavored lollipops are officially a thing (and they're vegan!)

We've all been there: not hungry, but bored and longing for the taste of human breast milk. That craving can now be quelled thanks to the latest offering from Texas lollipop company, Lollyphile.

Lollyphile's founder, Jason Darling, gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times earlier this week, explaining the process of developing a lollipop that tastes like breast milk.

Darling tried breast milk from four of his friends who were new mothers. He and his flavor specialists then got to work developing the flavor.

"One of my friends had a preemie -- it was seven months -- and she had higher levels of colostrum, which made it sweeter, blue and thicker," Darling said. "It all kind of tastes sort of like almond milk, but sweeter."

Despite the "milk" flavor, all of the Lollyphile lollipops are vegan, with candies made of differing quantities of sugar, corn syrup and other natural flavors. Darling said the breast milk lollipops are mostly sugar.

On the Lollyphile website, Darling and company explain their rationale for creating such a product.

So what's happening is that suddenly it seems as though a lot of our friends are having babies. And since some of us are confectioners, we felt it was our responsibility to find out just what this flavor was that could turn a screaming, furious infant into a placid, contented one. Surely the flavor must be heavenly, yes?

The new lollies hit the market on Monday and Darling says they've already received orders for a few thousand. Four breast milk-flavored lollies will run you $10, but shipping is free with the promo code MAMMALS, so you've got that going for you. [L.A. Times]