So Fetch: Fight those post Halloween Blahs with “Mean Girls” dance party!

Now here’s something that is totally fetch! Fabulous DJ David Cassidy (or DeeJay as we know him) will be teaming up with Sisters Nightclub this Friday to completely melt away our Hurricane and Halloween blues with a fantastic dance party centered around of the best high school films since “Teen Witch”.

Sisters Nightclub will host the “Mean Gurls” party, which runs from 10:00 PM – 2:00AM on November 2nd. It’s technically not a Halloween party, but I say Follow Governor Christie’s rule and keep on celebrating that ish until next week. Wear your favorite miniskirt, pink sweater, or bunny ears that would make Regina George herself weep!

So what kind of music should one expect to hear at this soiree?! Well, the dance party will celebrate female artists that have dominated the airwaves during the time the film was released and beyond. Expect some “Get the Party Started” by P!nk as well as some old school “Heartbreaker” a ala Mariah Carey (hopefully Nick Minaj stays away!) Not a fan of Ashanti and Christina Aguilera? Not a problem, DeeJay will certainly be sneaking in some contemporary tunes courtesy of Ke$ha and Ellie Goulding.

The past week has created a massive sense of cabin fever throughout the Philadelphia region, so it really time to let loose in a major way. What better way to do so than with an homage to happier days, Tina Fey, and a time when Lindsay Lohan was actually hot. There will be drink specials as well, so don’t be a grotsky little beyotch and come join the fun!

When: Friday, Nov. 2, 10pm-2am

Where: Sisters Nightclub, 1320 Chancellor Street. $5 Admission at the door.