Photos: The Brooklyn Circus pops up in Philly

The Brooklyn Circus is a New York-based menswear brand steeped in Americana and heritage. Sold in the U.S with shops in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Chicago and across the world in carefully curated boutiques from Tokyo to Copenhagen. The style harkens back to vintage Americana, it has a heavy scholastic vibe with beautifully made varsity jackets, oxfords, cardigans and casual t-shirts. This brand is all about lasting quality, the pieces are meant to become staples of a man’s wardrobe, but versatile enough to be worn throughout his week at different events.

The Brooklyn Circus was started in 2006 by Quigi Theodore, a visual communicator that defines the brand from top to bottom. Over the weekend Art in the Age hosted a pop-up shop of this brand as part of The Philadelphia Collection. The pop-up has expired but you can still shop this brand online.

The BK Circus tells a story, “with the aim to strengthen consumers’ appreciation for classic aesthetics and antique motifs whilst upholding the pillars of modern design within a hundred year plan. With time-tested values of classic American craftsmanship, a love for urban tradition, vintage sensibilities...,” and plans to leave a legacy with their 100 Year Plan; which is an answer to today’s fast casual fashion and 140 character era. Most of their garments are made in the U.S, while the raw denim is sourced from some of the best mills in Japan and the U.S.

As lovers of vintage The BK Circus make sure their garments are high quality enough to last the test of time so they can be passed on from one generation to the next. They don’t follow any seasonal trends however fashion’s cyclical nature tends to come around and catch up with them; last fall for example we saw a resurgence of varsity jackets in mainstream men’s fashion.

The wardrobe of The BK Circus man is defined as tailored casual. Garments from this line can be worn dressed-up or mixed and matched for a more casual look. Staples consists of canvas sneakers, good raw denim, well-made five pocket raw denim jeans, a varsity jacket and a good oxford shirt. They also have a nice collection of brogues, cardigans and hats, all of which can be purchased online.

Check them out at The BK Circus.