Photos + Review: Broken Social Scene + TVOTR at The Mann Center

When Broken Social Scene took the stage on Friday night as openers for TV On The Radio at the Mann Center, the rather large venue was pretty empty. It was empty compared to what they’re used to (they sold out two nights at the TLA last fall), which prompted lead man Kevin Drew to say, “We could have done this at my house,” the moment he walked on stage.

After the band finished “Cause = Time,” a fan seated in the pit section yelled out, “I love you, Kevin Drew.” Drew responded by inviting the fan and his girlfriend up on stage to sit on an amp for the entire set. The two accepted the invitation and could be seen taking photos with their cell phones, even getting a photo with Kevin Drew while he was singing in between them.

The band went on the play nine songs in total covering their entire discography including two songs “Texico Bitches” and” Meet Me in the Basement” off their 2010 release, Forgiveness Rock Record. By the time they closed the set, the crowd had filled in the empty seats and were bummed the band did not play more tunes.

TV On The Radio started off their set with the first song off 2008’s Dear Sceience –“Halfway Home” and it was from clear from that point on that it was going to be a loud and energetic night.

The Brooklyn band did a much better job of playing a more diverse set of songs from their 10-year career as a band. Granted, they did have more time than their Canadian opener.

The definite highlights of the night were when TV On The Radio closed their main set with “Repitition” off their newest LP Nine Types of Light and “Wolf Like Me” off 2006’s Return To Cookie Mountain. The songs put the audience into a complete frenzy as people singing and dancing throughout the entire venue.

As the night came to a close, everyone walked out of the Mann Center on a music-high after seeing two of the best live out there today and was ready for whatever the rest of the night had in store for them.

Broken Social Scene setlist

Cause = Time / Texico Bitches / 7/4 Shoreline / All to All / Fire Eye’d Boy / Stars and Sons / The World At Large (Modest Mouse cover) / Meet Me in the Basement / Major Label Debut

TV On The Radio’s setlist

Halfway Home / The Wrong Way / Caffeinated Consciousness / Second Song / Blues From Down Here / Will Do / Young Liars / New Cannonball Run / Province / Red Dress / Staring At The Sun / Repetition / Wolf Like Me // Encore: DLZ / Dancing Choose / Forgotten / Satellite