And the winners of the great Roots Picnic ticket giveaway are...

Congratulations to our 10 lucky winners. You guys have each scored a pair of tickets to one day of this weekend's Roots Picnic and a ride on the Vitamin Water XXXpress bus. Enjoy!

If you already have tickets get the deets on the XXXpress bus and RSVP for your ride.

Day 1:

Jackie Gallagher, @JGalls
The Roots picnic means a lot to me. It's the first major/coolest annual music festival that has been brought to Philly, my native city. I like that it combines many genres of music, which generally reflects my taste. I haven't been able to make it to the festival since 2009, which was on my 21st birthday. I'm a huge music fan, and I really want to see Tune-Yards, Star Slinger, De La Soul, Danny Brown, and of course, our hometown heroes. The Roots. It would be a great 24th birthday present. ;)

Michael Howard, @HomeCovers

The Roots Picnic is the way i know summer has officially started. I can be on the pier with almost no clothes on and be surrounded by great friends, beer, and beautiful music. There is no better way to express the beginning of a beautiful summer than a festival like the Roots Picnic. And on a more personal level, it brings back young memories of me as a child, having the idea that once summer comes around, no one needs to care or worry too hard about anything. I think the Roots Picnic has succeeded in giving me that feeling every year and i would be honored to win this and much grateful, Phrequency!!

Julian Hampton, @SEEmourTHAKID

The roots picnic is a culmination of musical genius and expression meeting in one place to celebrate creativity and happiness. All the artists on the bill strayed away from the main stream ideals of specific genres to create music that cannot be defined or categorized. I just want to be surrounded by that for a day.

Jessica Yan, @J_Whyy

As a newcomer to Philly, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I moved here for love, but had no idea what to expect of the city-- would I fall in love with her too? 

Winter was rough.  Car-less I had to rely on the unreliable SEPTA & over-priced cabs.  But I thought, summer had to be better... Well summer was hot, sticky, and generally smelled sour.  I was beginning to lose hope for my future with Philly.

Then came the Roots Picnic.  You know that feeling, when it's 1:30AM on a Saturday night in South Philly, and by some grace of god the line at Geno's isn't three blocks long?  You know how it feels when you've had a few at the bar, and you bite into the hot greasy gold of Philly food at it's finest?  Well, that's what the Roots Picnic was like for me.  This wonderful weekend that came, just when I needed it most, to show me exactly what it was to be Philadelphia-- summer heat, incredible music, and people who embodied culture & passion. 

So, where are we now?  Well I guess you could say that this year's Roots Picnic is Philly and my one-year anniversary.  I'm looking forward to many years to come.  I love this city.


Janae Williams, @cheeseundpeas

Concerts are my form of vacation. The power of the passionate, inspired music the roots and the plethora of other incredible artists create is truly worth what many go to far-a-way islands and spas to acquire: peace, escape, and release. As a perpetually broke, recent college graduate and current public school teacher, I have the opportunity to have a merely standing in the crowd, eyes closed taking it all in as I dance my pants (and stress) off!

Day 2:

Jarron Estes, @lanepiffin

The Roots picnic signifies a collaboration of many of the greatest current and past artists in hip-hop as well as some of the most relevant artists at the moment whose sound transcends normal genre classifications. Though there are many festivals that can provide an eclectic mix or artists, very few do it in an atmosphere that feels like family, like what happens at The Picnic, and none have the specific vibe that can only happen in Philly. This year specifically, with De La Soul and Rakim working directly with the Roots, there is going to be a moment that is special, which will definitely be remembered in years to come, but surely not replicated.

Zita Jackson, @Futuresatellite

What does the Roots Pinic mean to me? I'm a born and raised Philadelphia so The Roots Picnic to me means a gathering of amazing artists partying in my hometown a city rich with culture and sounds. It means THE ROOTS. Everyone loves The Roots. It means sun and sounds and meeting cool people who enjoy the same music as I do. It means a lot.

Amna, @amoontak

Going to the Roots picnic to me means union, love, and unexplained positive energies. The music of the Roots are just as undefined and overwhelmingly mind stimulating as the people they drawn in to their music and come to their shows. I love the roots, and I would love to throw back if only an ounce of their great spiritedness back at their show and for everyone who will be there. It's a love movement, and so is what they are doing to bring such an awesome group of performers in the city of love, heart of philly.

Karaamat, @kdot4prez

The Roots Picnic is Philly Tradition! Not only are The Roots one of my favorite groups, they are a staple in Philly's music and culture scene. I absolutely love the lineup, and it would be a priceless experience to travel there on the vitaminwater bus! If I had to choose, I guess I'm the most excited about seeing Kid Cudi, Diplo, and The Roots in the same day!

Angel Wong, @angelsama

The Roots Picnic would be for me an amazing introduction to the city of Philadelphia! I am not originally from here, but I feel like I have already grown acquainted to the city already through its music (and I'm excited to explore the other facets that Philly has to offer, from food to art to history, and so much more!, as I will be spending a wonderful summer in the city!) I have always been a huge fan of The Roots, ever since high school, and it would be an honor to be able to hear them live in the flesh! Sunday is also particularly alluring to me as well because I am addicted to all the new tracks that Diplo drops. I think these artists exemplify everything Philadelphia has to offer; they are the musical personification of the city's culture: dynamic artists that have transcended multiple genres and cultures, but always stay true to the core qualities of their roots (pardon the pun). Cheers!