Video: Union involved in brawl in preseason game in Costa Rica

The Philadelphia Union were involved in a fight on the field during the third and final game of their preseason tour to Costa Rica, against first division team A.D. Belén this afternoon.

Belén posted video of the fight on YouTube, and you can watch it below.

At some point during the first half, after the Union had given up two goals, Union midfielder Michael Farfan committed a tackle from behind on Belén midfielder Bryan Vega. Although the video was edited, it appears as if that tackle sparked the scuffle, and a number of incidents ensued.

First, Union midfielder Keon Daniel is seen throwing a ball at a Belén player. Then Brian Carroll is shown being involved in some pushing and shoving, and then Union goalkeeper Zac MacMath entered the fray and quite forcibly restained a Belén player. MacMath is then seen restraining Carroll as Carroll said something and gesticulated towards the pack.

Later - after a fade to black and resumption of footage - a person who appears to be a member of the Union's coaching staff is seen saying something and gesticulating towards some Belén players.

This statement published by Belén (in Spanish) accuses the Union of playing "anti-soccer," and of shouting insults at the Belén players, the referee and his assistants.

Belén midfielder José Luis Lopez is quoted in the statement in Spanish as saying: "It was an immature attitude of the coach. From the beginning, they just treated us as stupid and officials. The players were dedicated to kicking and shoving."

A spokesperson for the Union said that the team declined to comment on the matter.

Here is the video: