Rank and File: Union vs. Real Salt Lake

If you missed my analysis of the game, it's here. There's also a lot of postgame audio from both locker rooms.

The one other thing I will say is that I think Danny Mwanga's return made a huge difference. Even though Sebastien Le Toux leads the Union in goals, I think Mwanga might be the team's best pure finisher.


Chris Seitz: 5.78


Juan Diego González Alzate: 4.50
- "Gonzo's missed tackle allowed for RSL to equalize. New guy needs to start living up to his billing." (Andrew Dillon)

Danny Califf: 4.89
- "Finally got on the end of a corner kick and almost had the go-ahead goal in the second half. Should be more of a threat on corners." (Jeff P.)

Jordan Harvey: 5.44

Michael Orozco Fiscal: 5.67

This comment is more about the defending as a whole, but it asks some interesting questions.

- "Can we please just sit back on a one-goal lead the next time we get one? I love the entertaining ball movement but I would like to see a dull win rather than an exciting draw, at least once. Pull the talented midfielders back, sit Mwanga up top alone with Le Toux just under him, and let the opposition suffer counterattacks instead of us - our back line is simply not up to the task of all this high positioning." (Osager)


Eduardo Coudet: 5.88
- "Coudet has a good head for the game obviously. Unfortunately, he's carrying too much weight and would probably be more effective if he dropped 15 pounds." (Osager)

Yeah, well, so would I.

Fred: 5.11

Andrew Jacobson: 5.75

Justin Mapp: 5.13
- "I had high hopes for what he could bring to the team, but so far I don't see anything more than an average midfielder.  Is there more?" (Alex Seldin)
- "I had high hopes for what he could bring to the team, but so far I don't see anything more than an average midfielder. Is there more?" (Chris Lane)

I think there is, but Mapp has to be in a position where he can really run at defenders with the ball instead of just setting up others.

Kyle Nakazawa: 4.89

Amobi Okugo: 5.40

Roger Torres: 5.67
- "You still see the inexperience, but not the vision and excitement from earlier in the season. Is it coming off the bench?" (Chris Lane)
- "Roger Torres does not seem to do well as a sub - he looks like he has trouble finding a rhythm in this role. I would prefer to see Torres start, and Fred come on as a sub if needed." (Osager)


Sebastien Le Toux: 7.11
- "Le Toux and his brilliant flick to Mwanga ... 'nuff said." (Andrew Dillon)
- "Le Toux's assist was pretty. That said, oddly, he keeps failing on the one-on-one breakaways. He makes the difficult plays and doesn't make the simple ones." (Nathan M.)

Danny Mwanga: 7.00
- "Seems to be improving each game as he gains experience, but still needs work on his first touch." (Chris Lane)
- "Mwanga finished well to score that goal; unfortunately, he looked to be out of gas by the 70th minute." (Osager)