Rank and File: Union vs. Seattle Sounders

Sorry this is so late. The reason, to be frank, is that people were slow in voting. But the Union having the weekend off gave me a bit more time to get this up.  


Faryd Mondragón: 6.51
- "Mondragón was good again, along with the defense. It was really weak to give up the 3 pts. on a late goal but given the conditions, I'll give them a mulligan." (Dave Q.)


Danny Califf: 7.29
- "A brilliant block epitomized another fine match for Califf, but both he and Valdés struggled to deal with the height and strength of Nate Jaqua." (Mark Nakahara) 

Jordan Harvey: 6.50
- "I think a lot of fans had made up their minds that Harvey is a mediocre LB, but he's been a very pleasant surprise this year." (Brian DeHaven) 

Carlos Valdés: 6.86
- "Plays with heart and tenacity, very good things in this town. Again, it's a shame the late goal sours things in the end." (Nick Youngstein) 

Sheanon Williams: 6.62
- "Williams proves again that his call up from Harrisburg was a stroke of genius. Any throw-in in Union attacking third causes the defense real trouble." (Joe Grady)


Keon Daniel: 6.57
- "Continues to be the team's best midfielder while he's out there. And he has the best hair on the team. That's bi-winning." (Nick Youngstein) 

Justin Mapp: 5.25
- "Mapp added nothing; I would have preferred to see Torres in that spot." (Alex Seldin) 

Stefani Miglioranzi: 4.29
- "For me, the turning point of the match was when Miglioranzi was subbed off. After this, Seattle was able to enjoy more time and possession in the middle, ultimately leading to their goal. He wasn't even having a particularly noteworthy game, but his absence spoke volumes." (Mark Nahakara)
- "Watching Migs pass in the rain is like watching Brad Friedel do his taxes." (Fake Peter Nowak) 

Kyle Nakazawa: 5.64
- "Nakazawa's best showing so far. Good to see him get 90, would have preferred to see him stay out wide. We seemed to lose some fluidity and rigidity when he moved inside. " (Joe Grady)

Amobi Okugo: 6.38
- "We saw glimpses of what he could be last year (best example was last year's home match vs. Toronto) and he's consistently delivering this year." (George Hasenecz)


Sebastien Le Toux: 6.21
- "Played better than he has in recent weeks, but he's still not right. I think he's struggling to adjust to the new personnel. He still covers half of Chester with his work rate so he's not hurt." (Nick Youngstein) 

Danny Mwanga: 5.69
- "Why is last year's #1 pick and runner up for ROY taking a back seat to an aging and inactive striker like Ruiz?" (JP) 

Carlos Ruiz: 6.57
- "After meeting the other Chooch he seems to be worthy of the name after a good game. Great kick on the goal and another shot he took earlier in the game. Numerous times did the hard work of settling the long pass and holding it waiting for the game to come to him." (Peter Olmsted)