Downloadable Union and MLS schedules

Every year I put together a spreadsheet of the Union's games and a spreadsheet of MLS' nationally-televised games for my calendar.

When I mentioned that on Twitter on Thursday night, I got quite a few responses from followers asking if they could get copies of the files as well.

So I figured that I would share them here.

After I put those two schedules together, I realized that I had so many fixtures accounted for that I might as well do the entire MLS season. So I did that too.

The files are available in .csv and .ics formats. One or the other should work with your system, whether it's Google Calendar, Exchange, Mac Calendar or something else.

There is one major caveat that I need to note: the files are static. They will not update after the time when you download them, including the .ics files. 

When the Union announce their local TV broadcast information, I'll post an updated file. But it's on you to avoid duplicated events in whatever calendar software you use.

The leaguewide fixture list includes national TV broadcast information, but it does not (and will not) include any local TV information. Whatever market you're in, you'll know what channel your team's broadcasts are on, and the rest are available through MLS's paid streaming package.

Right-click on the links below to save the files:

2012 Philadelphia Union schedule: .csv | .ics

- 2012 MLS national TV schedule: csv | .ics

- 2012 MLS league-wide fixture list: .csv | .ics